Career Pathways Initiative



Green River Area Development District and Barren River Area Development District


The Green River and Barren River Area Development Districts consists of 17 counties in west-central Kentucky. The two districts will unify efforts to address the growing demand in the healthcare industry in the region. The Green River Area Development District has some basic experience in developing a career pathway for healthcare occupations and is striving to improve and replicate the pathway consistently across the district while the Barren River Area Development District is just beginning to develop a pathway system. This partnership will provide many opportunities for research, collaboration, marketing & outreach, replicating best practice, and institutionalizing results.


  • Increase the number of adults entering the health care career path.
  • Increase the retention rate of schools and training sites that provide pathways to healthcare
  • Increase awareness of career growth opportunities within the healthcare profession
  • Develop a marketing and outreach strategy to engage adults willing to explore the possibilities within the healthcare profession
  • Enhance our abilities to make adults award of the “total opportunity” within the healthcare profession e.g. marketing, sales, clerical as well as conventional career tracks such as NCA, nursing, etc.)
  • Ensure all agencies training funds are targeted towards training institutions and their training funds that will teach the skills required for high demand jobs within the state and local regions.
  • Integrate basic skills with occupational skills within a curricula that is specific to each rung on the healthcare career ladders so that individuals will be able to enter and exit the pathway as necessary while continuing to improve skills attained that lead to higher skill/higher pay occupations.


Healthcare Industry


  • The Green River Area hosts annual Health Career Exploration Days with two hospitals (expanding to three hospitals next spring). Area high school students spend a day at the hospitals learning about the many departments and the job opportunities that exist in the healthcare field. The students learn about not only the tradition healthcare occupations relating to patient care (nursing, pharmacy, various therapists) but the full range of opportunities (IT, dietary, accounting & records, medical equipment , facility maintenance, landscaping/lawn care). The various departments offer hands-on activities and prizes.
  • The Green River Area hosted a first How to Guide to Healthcare Careers event in October 2010. This event was for adults that are interested in beginning a career in the healthcare field and an opportunity for current students meet with local hospitals to learn about how to apply for job openings. The event included seminars and workshops that were presented by professionals in the healthcare field.
  • The Green River Area has piloted a healthcare career pathway at the Owensboro Community & Technical College that is providing interesting results in best practice as well as challenges in implementation that will be beneficial to the development of pathways across both regions.



  • Beth Brinley, Commissioner of Labor, and Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet
  • Reece Stagnolia, Associate Vice President, Kentucky Adult Education
  • Robert Curry, Executive Director, Cabinet for Economic Development
  • Melissa Bell, Senior Associate, Academic Affairs, Council for Postsecondary Education
  • Shauna King-Simms, Director of College and Career Transitions, Kentucky Community and Technical College System

Local Team:

  • Tonya Logsdon, Director for Workforce Development, Green River Area Development District
  • Debbie McCarty, WIA Director, Barren River Area Development District
  • Karen Dueker, Regional Manager, Office of Employment and Training (GRADD)
  • Vicki Wade, Regional Program Manager, Office of Employment and Training (BRADD)
  • Billy Crabtree, Associate Program Support, Kentucky Adult Education
  • Betsy Wells-Jones, Director of Education, Northwest KY Forward (Economic Development)
  • Cindy Fiorella, Vice President of Workforce, Owensboro Community and Technical College
  • Sharon Wood, Finance Officer, Barren River Area Development District
  • Sharon Woodward, Continuing Education Director, Western Kentucky University
  • William Monterosso, Regional Program Manager, Office of Employment and Training
  • Donnell Gordon, Professional Recruiter, Owensboro Medical Health System
  • Donna Watkins, Director of Selection and Retention, CHC Medical Center
  • Marcie Vooris, WIA Director, Green River LWIA
  • Jody Minor, CHFS


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Tonya Logsdon
Associate Director for Workforce Development
Green River Area Development District Phone:270-926-4433