Career Pathways Initiative

Key cross-agency partners at the local and state levels are engaged, agree to a shared vision, and gain support from political leaders.

In a comprehensive career pathways system, a diverse group of representatives from state and local public agencies, private and non-profit partners, and employers and members of the business community collaborate to design, craft, and implement a shared vision. Your local team forms to design, pilot, launch, and grow a local or regional career pathway system. Your state team supports the local team with administrative policies and legislation that aids local implementation and statewide growth or replication. In addition, senior or political leaders in the state/region actively support the initiative.

Recommended Partners
Key agency partners at the local level include:
  • Workforce Investment Board(s) and local workforce development agencies
  • Community College(s) and Postsecondary Education Providers
  • Adult Basic Education providers
  • TANF providers and Human service agencies
  • Economic Development agencies
  • Community-based organizations
  • Business representative(s)
Key agency partners at the state level include:
  • State Workforce Agency
  • Adult Basic and Postsecondary Education
  • Economic Development
  • Human Services


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