Career Pathways Initiative

Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and formalized.

Once partners are engaged, the team should define and formalize roles and responsibilities, using written memoranda of understanding. A leadership or steering committee should guide the process of developing the career pathways system. The following chart outlines some of the common roles and responsibilities of key partners.

Workforce Labor Market Information
Employer Engagement
Recruitment and Referrals
Support Services
Skills Assessments
Job Search Assistance
Job Placement Services
Education Program Design
Curriculum Development
“Chunking” and “Modularizing” Linkages between credit and non-credit
Articulation agreements to promote portability
Support Services
Financial Aid.
Economic Development Labor Market Information Human Services Referrals and Recruitment
Supportive Services
Employer Engagement
CBOs Referrals and Recruitment
Employer Engagement
Support Services
Employers Curriculum Development


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