Career Pathways Initiative

Sectors and industries are selected and employers are engaged in the development of career pathways.

A first step in developing a comprehensive career pathways system involves conducting a labor market analysis and assessing gaps and assets in order to identify the best sectors around which to build career pathways. Based on this analysis, team should target high-demand and growing state/regional industries and sectors, and seek to engage employers and business consortiums that represent the chosen industries. The team should develop a marketing and outreach strategy, as well as a long-term plan for supporting and sustaining the engagement of employers.

Key Questions:

How will you determine labor market trends, skill development needs, and opportunities, employer preferences, etc.?

How will you select which employers (or industry representatives) to approach?

How will you “pitch” career pathways to them?

How do you plan to work with employers during the various phases of the project (design, launch, operation, evaluation?)


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