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Posted by Career Pathways Initiative - On February 28, 2011 (EST)

Pathways to Careers

Strategic Partnerships for a Competitive Workforce (SPCW) Guide for community leaders working to strengthen their local and regional economies through the development and expansion of career pathways. Developed with support from the U.S. Departments of Labor and Education.

ABE Career Connections: A Manual for Integrating Adult Basic Education into Career Pathways

Manual for adult basic education (ABE) programs designed to help connect ABE with existing career pathways in key local industries. Developed with funding from the U.S. Department of Education. 

Working Together: A Guide to Business and Adult Education Partnerships

Guide for businesses interested in partnering with adult and workforce education providers describes the forms that business-adult education partnerships can take, the bottom line and philanthropic advantages to partnering, and the practical steps for getting involved. It includes information on why businesses should invest, partnership models, and profiles of business-driven partnerships.

Community Partnerships for Adult Learning

An online resource collection designed to support quality adult education services through partnerships consisting of how-to’s, curricula, research, and other resources for adult educators and their community partners, including businesses and workforce agencies.

Innovations for Standards-Based Education

Professional development materials that support the implementation of content standards in adult education programs.

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