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University of Kansas Receives Grant to Develop Career Pathways

Posted by Andrala Walker - On December 15, 2011 (EST)

University of Kansas Receives Grant to Develop Career Pathways

Neal Kingston, Associate Professor in the Psychology and Research in Education Department and Director of the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation(CETE), has received a $987,000 grant to develop eight Career Pathway Assessments. For this project, CETE Senior Research Assistant Cameron Clyne is working with education and business representatives to design the assessments. By combining computer-based assessments with innovative item types and workplace-based performance assessments, high school students will be able to demonstrate both general and pathway-specific knowledge and skills needed to enter the world of work or pursue additional educational preparation.

Although initial funding has been provided by the Kansas State Department of Education, several other states are planning to join to form a collaborative. With additional resources, this project will eventually develop assessments for 31 career pathways.


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