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Career Readiness Partnership Council Releases "Building Blocks for Change" Report

Posted by Andrala Walker - On October 25, 2012 (EST)

Career Readiness Partnership Council Releases "Building Blocks for Change" Report


In Washington last week, a broad coalition of respected education, business, philanthropic and policy groups unveiled a new document noteworthy for its simple but urgent purpose: Defining what it means to be "career ready." 


The goal of the Council is to enhance reform efforts around college and career readiness to include a more comprehensive understanding of what it means to be career ready. The Council's statement, "Building Blocks for Change," explains that career readiness is a process of connecting education and employment to achieve a fulfilling, financially-secure and successful career. Moreover, readiness must foster "adaptability and a commitment to lifelong learning, along with a mastery of key knowledge, skills and dispositions that vary from one career to another and change over time."


Council members hope their common definition spurs conversation and action in communities across the nation. "The inextricable link between education and the economy has never been more apparent; the urgency for change unparalleled. We have a window of opportunity for bold change, and the future of our nation, and each and every citizen depends on it," they conclude.


The full report and a complete list of the participating organizations can be found at

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