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Release of the Career Pathways Toolkit: A Guide for System Development

Posted by Sara Hastings - On August 24, 2015 (EST)

On behalf of USDOL/ETA, we are pleased to release the new version of the Career Pathways Toolkit:  A Guide for System Development.  The Toolkit incorporates the latest relevant innovations, creative approaches, and best practices that have emerged since the original publication of the Toolkit.  The revised Toolkit continues the spirit of the original Toolkit:  to provide the workforce system with a framework, resources, and tools for states and local partners to develop and implement career pathways systems and programs.

The primary audience for the Toolkit is staff at the state level representing one of the core partners required to develop a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act unified plan.  In addition to the core partners, other important partners at the state and local level will find the Toolkit helpful in implementing a comprehensive career pathways system and programs.

You can view the Toolkit at

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