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Posted by Mary Alice McCarthy - On November 22, 2010 (EST)

This on-line community is a key communication tool for the Career Pathways Technical Assistance Initiative.  Partnerships are essential to the success of building career pathways, and this highly interactive tool will enhance the communication and thus assist you as you continue to build the partnerships, programs and policies necessary to support career pathways systems at the state, local and tribal level.


Having been a long time advocate of career pathways AND the use of Institutes as a training venue, I am pleased by your enthusiastic response to the Initiative and by the ambitious goals we have seen in your implementation plans.  It will be great to have all 11 grantee teams participating in the Career Pathways Technical Assistance Initiative at the upcoming Institute.  Your commitment to this effort through your preparation for the Institute is impressive.  We have seen an overwhelming response to participate in the individual teams which speaks to the high level of commitment locally and through your state.


We know that career pathway systems that align education, training and employment services with the needs of adult learners and employers are demonstrating positive results in the states and local areas that have implemented them.  We will have three such success stories sharing their experiences and expertise at the institute, working one-on-one with each of the teams at the Institute. 


We also know that building career pathways systems requires hard work, time and commitment on the part of state and local practitioners and policymakers from the public workforce, education and human services agencies and the active engagement with employers.  The Institute will allow all of the players time away from your day to day responsibilities to hammer out a systems change strategy around career pathways with subject matter experts available to assist you along the way. We know there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to creating a career pathways system – you will need to design the policies and programs that fit your state, local area or tribe.


This community of practice will support information sharing and relationship building among your team members, and the other grantees.  It is a space you can use to continue the conversations you began with practitioners and content experts at the Institute. We know that exchanges among peers are one of the most effective for helping practitioners address the challenges of developing and implementing systems change.  It will feature:


  • Blogs from practitioners, researchers and advocates of career pathway models;
  • Information resources – articles, guides, and tools - to help you with your work developing and strengthening career pathways;
  • Announcements about upcoming conferences, webinars and funding opportunities; and
  • Discussion threads on career pathways


Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to share and learn more on building or expanding career pathway systems.  Sign up as a member of the CoP and join the discussion TODAY!


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